Saturday, May 19, 2012

Plectrum Is A Moronic Word

I need to use bigger words when I blog.  It is required of me that I utilize a more diverse vocabulary whilst disseminating my musings upon the Information Superhighway.  Sounds like horseshit to me.  The Pelagic Extravaganza today was a massive failure.  The Best things I saw were these:

South-polar Skua.  This monster bird gave a good ten minute show, and was by far the best bird of the day.

Red Phalaropes do not look like this.  Because these are Red-necked Phalaropes, which any birder worth his weight in whiskey would know.  Even from a great distance, from a moving ship.

Even though the birds were few and far between, good times and good company were enjoyed by all.  Everything's fine, nothing is effed here dude.


  1. That skua is so BURLY!. Wow.

    I am probably being too literal (a frequent source of amusement for my friends as they laugh and my brow is knitted) but re: using bigger words, "Sez who?"

    Steinbeck, genius writer, used small words, short, simple sentences.

    Eschew obfuscation. =)

  2. Steinbeck is rubbish. Bigger is better, Biobabbler; obvi. Don't make me turn on the vocab-spigot. Shit will drown.