Sunday, May 20, 2012

Minorly Embarrassing

Well, we all made it through in one piece, with only a few minor embarrassing incidents.  The birding on dry land this morning was much better than on the open ocean yesterday.  I got one state bird (LBHE) and saw two rare birds.  At the river, I finally went to see the Little Blue Herons.  I should have done this ages ago, but have been too lazy for the most part.  Then we all went out to the cemetery at Fort Rosencrans where a few East coast birders had just found a Tennessee Warbler and Northern Parula.  We tanked on the Tennessee, but most of us got the Parula (including me).  After that, We found a Baltimore Oriole cruising the Eucalyptus.  Totally Chill.

A dark one and a light one.  Very nice.

This is the 4th Northern Parula I've seen in my short life.

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