Monday, May 28, 2012

The End Of An Extravaganza

Well, I had no internet capabilities last night from Jawbone Canyon, or from atop Rand Mountain, where I tried to TPAD last night.  So tonight, I bring you... 4PAD.  Double the fun packed into a single entry.  You're welcome.  Here's what I would have written last night, had I been able:

Greetings TPADers.  I am writing you from atop beautiful Rand Mountain (Randsburg, CA).  We are trying to break a beer bottle by throwing rocks at it, but so far nobody can hit it.  I didn't see much worth mentioning today, but I did run into a continuing Hooded Warbler in Ridgecrest CA.

And here are the photos I would have chosen:

Lovely Hooded Warbler at Ridgecrest, CA.

Some common birds, getting it on.  Apollo Park.

As for today, Butterbredt was again a disappointment.  No vagrants at all.  We did see two good birds at California City though:

American Bittern is a really good bird for California City.  We saw one.

Tom (of Tom and Liga) found us this drab little female American Redstart.  California City.

Well, the Desert Extravaganza is finally over and I have to go back to work early in the morning.  There's so much that happened during this "Whiskey. Vagrants." trip that I wouldn't even know where to begin.  It was fun.  Oh yeah, and Justyn finally hit the bottle.

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