Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Babies Sometimes Fall

Every spring I get phone calls from friends and loved ones asking me what they should do with some baby birds that they found sitting around on the ground.  I pretty much never know what to tell these people.  When I inform them that I cannot help these pitifully doomed baby birds, they are baffled.  I am, after all, a bird expert.  How could I possibly not know what to do?  Anyway, today I received such a call from my little sister, KK.  I don't usually feature photographs by other artists, but here is what she was calling me about today:

These poor guys fell out of their nest today.  I'm sure they are doomed, and had no good advice for my sister.  I don't even know what species these things are.

I spend all day at work putting these signs up in order to prevent mishaps like what you see above.  This Western Bluebird appreciates the effort at least.


  1. Nice tie-in. You're so smooth, you should have your own blog.

  2. Did you tie that bird to that sign so it wouldn't fall off, facing the same cruel demise as those other small pigeons your baby sister murdered?