Saturday, May 5, 2012

Esquaredmobile Extravaganza 2012

I am underway on the Owl Extravaganza of 2012.  We are heading east in the Elias-squared-mobile somewhere in Riverside County.  Another hour or two of driving through this godforsaken country will hopefully pay off in the form of a State Bird.  Jim notified me that the full moon tonight is supposed to be the biggest brightest full moon ever seen by mankind (actually, it's just going to be 13% larger than normal).  Needless to say, It will be a fun trip.  I didn't take any photos today, so I'll improvise:

Esquaredmobile.  Fully legit.

This is one of hella Lazuli Buntings I saw yesterday in Hacienda Heights.  Didn't want to waste the photo.

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