Monday, October 31, 2011

The Next Day Is Always Tough

I spent most of yesterday saying things like: 

"Wow. How is it 1:30 already?"

"Oh my God.  My fucking head hurts so bad right now.  Get me some pills."

or my favorite:

"My hands are still shaking.  Let's go to the kegmobile and pour some beers."

Then I went to walk the dogs with my mom and I looked at a few birds.

Lark Sparrow.  Having a morning snack.

This is Lola.  She was thirsty.

If anyone is in the greater Angels Camp area and would like to participate in Packed Full Of Fun Day, part 3, IT IS TODAY.  Also, as a simultaneous activity, we will be conducting Operation Drink The Rest Of The Keg.  Call me.

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