Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here We Come To The End Of The Road...

...Still I Can't Let Go.  Well boys and girls, the end of another SEFI Fall has come for Daniel Maxwell.  I will be getting on a boat in a few hours and heading back to do some hard time in Real Life.  On the Island, there is a certain amount of superstition that goes with boat days like today.  Some people believe that the best birds always show up on boat days.  It certainly happened last year.  On my last day, birds seen were Summer Tanager, Ancient Murrelet, and (1 hour after I departed) a first Island Record Smith's Longspur.  Life was pain that day.  I'm hoping to not repeat that day.  Here are the 2 PADs from yesterday.  It was mostly slow, but there were a few birds here and there.

My favorite resident of Southeast Farallon Island, Common Raven.  This guy has been over on the mainland for the entire Fall.  He made a reappearance yesterday, just in time for me to see him before leaving.  He promptly began murdering mice out on the Marine Terrace.  

My last SEFI suset.  Goodbye gulls.  Goodbye rock.  Goodbye sharks.  Goodbye Lighthouse.

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