Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Final Wish

After determining that I was indeed Just About To Die, I decided that the last thing I'd like to see here on God's green earth was a Yellow-billed loon.  Sultry Sam, Felonious Jive, and I loaded into the car and drove to Sunnyvale.  We promptly set out on a major Death March.  We must've walked twenty miles around this huge lake before we finally came upon the beautiful and stunning creature known as Yellow-billed Loon.  Here he is in all his glorious splendor:

Isn't it beautiful?

F.J. and I have a history with these loons.  Before yesterday, we had unsuccessfully chased at least three separate individuals.  FJ was sure that we would continue our horrible curse, and fail miserably.  I tried to explain that I had broken the curse last year when we went up to Arcata and nailed the Brown Shrike like it weren't no thang.  In any case, post loon day was boring but therapeutic.  I gobbled down vitamins, hot toddies, and chicken soup.  Slept.  Watched Battlestar Galactica.  Now I'm feeling much better.  I might not even die after all.

This is what cures the DeathSickness:  Whiskey (on Felonious's advice), lemons, honey, apples, and Sultry Sam's chicken soup (not pictured).  I feel so well today, I might even go birding.


  1. For the record, I would like to state that Felonious spotted the loon within 5 seconds of looking for it, furthering his reputation as The Greatest Birder In The World (fuck you Bostik!). Also, the loon indeed has an eye.

  2. What does the plastic bag do to cure Deathsickness?