Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Cissel Has a First Name

I baked six pizzas last night, and we ate them while watching Hunt For Red October.  It was pretty sweet.  Commies suck!  We also saw a Dickcissel.  Only the second I've seen.  There were a few more birds around, like Tennessee Warbler, White-throated Sparrows, and some dark swifts that flew by MB's head at the lighthouse.  The Island was featured in a few news stories, of varying quality.  The new movie The Big Year came out, and the birding world is abuzz about whether or not it is good, sticks to the book, accurately identifies birds, etc.  Nerd Town.

Northern Fur-seal Pup at Boiler cove.  These guys are cute.  And they are the biggest victims of exploitation by humans.  Every last one was killed (hundreds of thousands) in the 1800's.  This year, over 400 were counted in one day.  This is the highest total observed since their extirpation over a century ago.  Could be good news for Fur-seals.

Bird Of The Day.  Dickcissel.  Funny name, I know.

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