Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Early Summer

Summer Tanager was the BOTD yesterday.  We had an oven specialist come out to fix our Wolf oven, which is now awesome and works perfectly.  Previously, we've been operating it using a screwdriver.  I awoke to fog today, much like yesterday.   Hopefully it will lift and the day will be hecka sick.  

October is time to start thinking about the future.  Today is the 18th, which means that I have five more nights on the Island.  This is making me desperate to find The Bird before I leave.  So far, we have had zero Asian Vagrants.  This must change.  In the next five days. 

I have recently landed another internship on yet another desert island.  In mid November, Dan and TPAD will be following in the footsteps of its forefathers, Felonious Jive and BB&B.  I will be taking up residence on Midway Atoll.  Albatrosses will be banded.  Monk Seals will be fondled.  Faces will be melted.  If you're curious to see what Midway is all about, check out: 


Or you can go to FJ's blog - Bourbon, Bastards & Birds - found here:


He was out there for several months, and the photos are fully legit, so go over there and look at what I'll be doing this winter.

Here are yesterday's photos.

Summer Tanager, at Spooky Cave.

Varied Thrush, in "Mark on a Rock's" hand.

I only discovered yesterday that Mark used to keep a blog while out here on the Island.  It's sick, and gives all the history a few Falls past.  Check it out: 

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