Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Fog.  It's the worst.  It has the power to ruin any good time.  It can sink ships.  It can crash airplanes.  On the Island, the fog causes a massive dirth of birds.  This happened yesterday.  It looks like it's happening again today.  So much for Farallonathon.

This is a Traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner.  Which is, of course, tradition.  By the way, if you haven't seen the  South Park where the Canadian Royal Princess is kidnapped from the Royal Wedding, I ask that you do so.  It's worth it.

A Tundrius Peregrine Falcon from two days ago.  I took zero photos of birds yesterday.  It was impossible.  This is one of many young Peregrines that will visit the Island, only to be viciously attacked by the resident pair.  The chases and dogfights usually last for a few hours until the intruding youngster flees back to the mainland, 30 miles away.


  1. I want to pull up a chair at that table and drink the pbr. I guess it'd be nice to see you again....