Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vagrant Starlings

There are many of us who feel we have no place in the world.  No position in the natural order of things.  These poor souls wander around with no apparent direction or meaning in life.  The rest of the world looks on with pity and disgust, while these miserable beings shuffle around and go about their meaningless existences.  Now, there are two species that make up this pathetic group of losers:  Humans, and European Starlings.  For example:

This man lives under Interstate 10 along with countless other "vagrants".  Much like his European Starling brother, he has no purpose in life, and wanders the banks of the San Gabriel River with a heart full of despair.

European Starlings at least have an excuse.  Someone brought them here against their will and forced them to disrupt the natural order of things.  Life is Pain for a European Starling.

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