Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bunting Partay

I am taking my first ever Flight To Chase A Vagrant tonight.  I fly up to The City in a few hours to catch a ride on Outer Limits to the Farallon Islands.  If all goes as planned, I will stare at a Northern Gannet with my eyes.  Please wish me luck.  Here's what I saw at work today:

This pretty female Lazuli Bunting couldn't escape the clutches of her Indigo Admirer.  The Indigo kept chasing the male Lazuli away from her when he would get too close.  I suspect they might be making some little hybrid bunting babies.

Here's the pushy male.  He is the same one that I poorly photographed a while back.


  1. This is a story too beautiful for Disney, or Pixar, or whoever. I love forbidden love, so am rooting for Indie.

  2. Nice shot. Flying to see a are officially RICH. Hope you get it...I need to see if Matt Brady is going.