Monday, June 4, 2012

Raining Maggots

FJ turned 30.  I saw and drank lots of Wild Turkey.  I got TWO life birds.  Maggots rained down from the sky.  I know that fourth one sounds weird, but it's true.  There were maggots covering every inch of our campground today.  I guess they were being spawned from the pine trees above us, and were dropping down by the thousands onto our cars, tents, and picnic table.  In a survival situation, this would have been ideal.  Lots of easy protein.  But as we were not exactly hungry, we let the nuthatches have at them.  You can see one being devoured in yesterday's post.  Today, I give you Dan's Lifers from the Great Lifer Getting Weekend.

Black-chinned Sparrows sing hecka good.  And they look like this when they do it.

Gray Vireo is another common bird that I have somehow gone all these years without seeing.  FJ led me right to a pair of them today like he was some kind of God Damned Bloodhound.

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