Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nobody Noticed

A 4PAD today.  Yesterday was waaay too intense for TPADing.  Anyway, it seems that nobody noticed, so no biggie.  Here are my 4 PADS:

Mountain Quail, Angeles National Forest.

Can y'all help me out again?  I'm too lazy to open the butterfly book.  Cory helped out.  It's a Golden Hairstreak.

California Sister, devouring a dead skunk.

Some Oak Titmice, getting together.


  1. It looks like a Golden Hairstreak. Such a creative name, right? Oh, and your admiral is actually a California Sister. They're similar though.

  2. I think Cory is right about the Sister. 5 stars on that photo though.

  3. Oh god how embarrassing, I know, right? I'm changing it to erase all evidence.

  4. Bitchin, I got a shout-out in TPAD....