Sunday, April 8, 2012

We Need More Men To Man The Wall

It's almost time to watch the Starks and Lannisters lay waste to Westeros.  My day off was fun.  I went birding and watched the 21 Jump Street movie.  It was good, I recommend it.  I hear the Giants are losing every game they play in.  This disappoints me greatly.  I demand that they turn their game around immediately.

Ruddy Duck at Apollo.  Glistening.

Swainson's Hawk locked in a staring contest to the death with a photographer.  East Palmdale.

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  1. In between seeing your thumbnail of the 1st pic and getting to your page my brain asked me: bufflehead crossed with a cinnamon teal? =) I did NOT remember them having SUCH a gorgeous cinnamon color. The (eventually) sky blue bill I did remember.

    Aren't Swainson's hyper elegant? =) lovely shots.