Monday, April 23, 2012


By my count, I owe six photos right now.  I really just had to check out for a few days there.  Blogging and Couch Burning don't go well together.  TPAD will return to its normal schedule tomorrow.  Now, for some completely un-birdy photos.

This is what most of the day consists of  at Couch Burning.  Golfing, and trying to intimidate other golfers.

This is Matt Duffy.  Accepting the Coveted Green Jacket for winning the golf tournament.  He pretty much wins every single year.  I have never won a CB tournament.  I took second this time, which is fairly typical.

Love at the Couch Burning.  Tyler and Ashley.

This is how the Burn gets its name.

Sultry by the fireside.  Living up to her namesake.

This person is British.  It is very surprising to see a British acting in this fashion.  

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  1. The turkey eating British bird is a rare sighting, indeed.