Saturday, April 14, 2012

Isn't It Glorious

Well, it was a rough morning, but I got through it.  I found three nests and received a gold star as a reward.  My day off has come around again.  I'm thinking of joining Felonious Jive down in SD for some birding.  We shall see.

Allen's Hummingbird staredown. This isn't as intimidating as the Swainson's Hawk staredown a few days ago.

TPAD's first ever Hooded Oriole.  Isn't it glorious?


  1. oh, DOOD, hooded orioles (used to see them in Point Loma most years) are just about my FAVORITE BIRD, if one can judge by the speed with which I hyperventilate and pass out upon viewing said stunner. NICE!

    And awesome shot of the hummer.

    I'm casting a Yes vote for SD birding w/BB&B. SO many habitats out there, and so many birds. And, you know, the OCEAN. =)

    1. It didn't happen. Great failure and much shame.