Monday, August 20, 2012

Gannet: We Meet Again

After tonight there will be only two more TPADs.  I know this will upset some people.  Some will be elated.  Most people won't actually notice.  In any case, I'm currently looking for new blog ideas.  Any thoughts?  I only ask that it's not half as much work as TPAD.

Today on the Island was the same again.  Except that the Glorious Northern Gannet reappeared.  It is so awesome.  It is one of the greatest birds to ever live.  If it were a pop song, it would top the charts for 50 years.

PIGU not carrying stuff.  This goes against my whole idea I had yesterday. 

I finally got to see this bird fly today.  It proved to me that it is not a Cape Gannet.  Or some other ridiculous species that I have never heard of...


  1. I am so sorry to see TPAD ending. You don't realize how many bird-nerds have a 9-5 in an office and live vicariously through you and your TPAD. Thanks for so much for the great "conversations" and pictures. When you decide what's next in your blogging side of life, please let us know where to find you!

  2. No more TPAD? But whyyyyyy? (she whined.) Seriously, I have had a blast following along. Don't leave BlogLand for too long.

  3. TPAW (Too Photos a Week) - Pete at Midway did that with his blog when daily became too much.