Friday, August 10, 2012

A New State

We have moved on to the South Carolina.  My state list still stands under 10 species.  Mostly it has been Laughing Gulls and White Ibis seen from the car.  I will now pay homage to the North Carolina I left behind.

One of the only Pine Warblers I saw in NC.  Lake James. 
Swamp Sparrow, Beaver Lake I only received one response saying otherwise.  Song Sparrow?  Please, enlighten Handsome Dan. 


  1. Yo Dan, I think it might be a juvie Song Sparrow, though I'm not familiar with the juv. plumage over on that side. Doesn't seem to be very streaky on the underparts but it's kinda fluffed up. Swamp Sparrows should only be winterers and don't breed that far south. Or..maybe it's a...wait for it.... Song X Bachman's Sparrow hybrid! Hah! Probably not.

    Handsome Dan?! Huh?

  2. I say juv. SOSP, check out bill morph differences half way down here: