Saturday, August 18, 2012

From Carolina To Farallonia

It sunk in that I was really back here during my first hike up to the lighthouse.  The weather isn't great, so there aren't really any migrants here, but the breeders are mostly still hanging around.  That's always fun.  Hecka fish being carried around to various burrows and hungry mouths.

I realize I haven't TPADed in the last few days.  Tonight will be a 6PAD.  This is a pretty rare event.  I wil start with Carolinas and finish here.  On South East Farallon Island (SEFI).  My one true home.

Forgot to tell y'all I seen gators down there.

Halloween Pennants, Caw Caw.

Apparently this is my only Mississippi Kite photo.

Now we are on the Farallones.  PIGU eating a Gunnel.

Least Sandpiper, one of the few migrants I saw today.

Elephant Seal cow and Brown-headed Cowbird, pondering each other.


  1. Why do I feel that it's a HOFI?? I'm not sure I know the answer...

  2. Check out bill morphology. HOFI:,r:1,s:11

    Cowbirds have a much more Icterid bill (sharper).