Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunny day for thrashers

The sun continued yesterday, along with 20 knot winds out of the North.  These are very poor conditions for migrants to find the Island, so it was surprising to hear that we had gotten an awesome arrival.

Yesterday, we discovered a Brown Thrasher in the Heligoland tree.  It was the skulkiest bird I have ever seen, but we were able to catch it and soon had it in the banding lab.  This was a Life Bird for me and melted my face slightly.

This poor little guy showed up a few days ago with a small amount of oil stuck to its breast.  Instead of hanging out with the flocks of Red-necked Phalaropes out at sea, this Red is resting up on dry land and trying to get the damned oil off its feathers.  I'm pulling for him.

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